Here’s how I’ve organized my blog business with this ONE tool

I use one app to organize my blog business

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I recently found an app that’s changed my blogging life. I know that’s a huge statement to make right?

But for a long time, I have been looking for a tool where I can track different aspects of my business. I had google sheets documents, I sometimes used a calendar or a plugin and then I also had Excel spreadsheets. Recently, I found an app called Airtable and I signed up for a free trial.

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How to add a hidden pinnable image to blog posts

How to add a hidden pinnable image to blog posts

Collages, love them or hate them, they are really popular on Pinterest these days. I remember when I first saw collages on Pinterest a couple of years ago. When I would click on them, they would take me to an unrelated site, someone who had gathered a few images together, for example step by step images, in a collage. Sometimes they linked to the original source and sometimes they didn’t. Bloggers and marketers took notice and started making collages of their own posts, so here we are.

First, why vertical collages? Because vertical images do much better on Pinterest, they catch your eye and after countless tests, get more repins than horizontal images. Vertical collages get even more traction and more attention in feeds.

Most bloggers or people upload the collages they create directly to Pinterest and then add the link accordingly. I hunted around for a long time for a way to add the collage to my post for easy pinning and played around with it for a while. This is what works for me!

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